We develop effective sustainability strategies throughout the company’s processes to maximize business value within the planet’s boundaries.

Some numbers

Let's talk about sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility
CEO's 64%
The 64 of the CEO’s think that investing in
Corporate Social Responsibility improves
the competitiveness of the company.
Sustainable Initiatives
Brand Loyalty 88%
The 88 of consumers would be more
loyal to the brands that present
sustainable initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a culture that must be implicit throughout the company. In YSP Consulting we help you and accompany you in the elaboration and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility plans, integrated them in your business strategy, generating without a doubt more real possibilities to obtain competitive advantages.

Waste Management and Waste Reduction

Waste management is still an important factor of improvement, despite of all the efforts to reduce its quantity, companies continue generating different types of unnecessary waste, whose management implies a costs when they could become an income instead. Our waste management and waste reduction plans tailored to each company focus on strengthening the processes, negotiating with suppliers, training employees and communicating with the customer.

Management and Reporting Standards

The implementation of international sustainability management and reporting standards, provides to the companies of all sectors and sizes a series of improvements and competitive advantages, as it facilitates the optimization and continuous improvement of all their processes. We advise, support and string along with our clients in the implementation of standards ISO 14001, ISO26000, GRI reporting.

Carbon Footprint Analysis

We help you to identify and quantify the carbon footprint of a product or a service in the whole productive process, in order to set a baseline that will support us to define the relevant emissions reduction objectives, which will represent a direct benefit to your company, as it will allow the reduction of costs due to the better knowledge of the critical points of the processes.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

The Life cycle Assessment (LCA) (ISO 14040) of a product, service or activity is a methodology that support us to identify, quantify and characterize the different potential environmental impacts associated with all the stages of product's life from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair and maintenance, and disposal or recycling

Sustainable Supply Chain

It is not enough with controlling the environmental impact of a company's own operations, a sustainable supply chain is one of the central axes of a solid Corporate Social Responsibility Plan. Integration of all internal and external operations, continuous improvement and suppliers commitments to more sustainable processes needs to be taking into account.