Strategic Consulting

We are the partner that helps you to answer the most critical questions your company faces every day. What? How? When?Where?How much?

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Let's talk about Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting
CEO's 92%

· 92% of the CEO`s of the companies that have had sales over 500K between 2017 and 2018 have used strategic consulting services to reach their objectives. (Entrepreneurs)

Productivity and Margins 100%

· 100% of our clients confirm that after our advisory work their companies have impoved their productivity and margins in a 6 months period or below.

Strategic Consulting

Our Strategic Consulting services are oriented to create sustainable value, on a proactive way, to help the companies to adapt and anticipate to the constant market changes, obtaining the maximum benefit of each movement.

Business Plan

In a world that is constantly changing, it is vital for companies to think strategically and plan their activities. In YSP Consulting we advise and help you to develop business plans that ensure and enhance in the long term the competitive advantage of your company.

Tech Transfer

We offer a wide range of technology transfer consulting services based on our best practices and ample experience, we provide solutions to your business needs, allowing the adaptation and commercial exploitation of research studies results. Our main goal is to obtain a win win return for all the stakeholders involved.

Risk Management and Compliance

With the growing volume, variability and complexity of national and international standards, risk management and compliance has become an increasingly important tool for companies. The YSP Consulting experts with their experience will help you identify and analyze the actual and potential threats your company has in order to establish behaviors and processes that help the organization to achieve its objectives in compliance with current regulations and within a corporate ethical culture.

Corporate Innovation

In the constant competitive environment we live, corporate innovation has become a fundamental element for the survival of a company in the market, adapting and anticipating is the only way to lead.


We give advise and constant support on the process of searching for the best financing solutions that better adapts to your needs, focusing on the development and preparation of solid financial and strategic plans that can make your company more attractive for investors, financial institutions and public funding entities. We know all the existing financing channels, which will help us find the best solution tailored made for each customer.